Ukraine Nightingale Project & Tryzub Ukrainian Dance Society Present Dzvinka

We are thrilled to present “Dzvinka”, with net proceeds from performances in Penticton and Oliver dedicated to supporting Ukrainian families through initiatives led by the Ukraine Nightingale Project (UNP) and Tryzub. Join us for an evening of cultural richness, artistic brilliance, and help our new neighbours affected by the war in Ukraine.


Penticton, BC – May 23, 2024 – Cleland Theatre.


Oliver, BC – May 25, 2024 – Venables Theatre.

A Walk Through Dzvinka

The audience is welcomed with a dance embracing the ancient ritual of “Pryvitannia”. The importance of wheat, the staff of life, is shared by us here in Canada and in Ukraine. This dance is an ethnographical regional representation of various parts of Ukraine, and highlights the region’s folk costumes and dance steps. We end with the offering of bread and salt, presented on an embroidered cloth (rushnyk). The bread represents the warmth of Ukrainian hospitality and the salt is symbolic of eternal friendship. Together they are presented to the audience as a humble and heartfelt greeting, just as it would have been by a host inviting someone into their home.

Act 1

“Dzvinka” unfolds in the picturesque Hutsul landscape, where the legendary Oleska Dovbush leads a band of Opryshky, embodying the spirit of resistance against the oppressive Polish landowners. The tale intertwines love, treachery, and the enduring fight for justice. “Dzvinka” masterfully weaves a tale of love and defiance against the backdrop of Hutsul folklore, capturing the essence of a community’s struggle for freedom in the face of oppression.”

Act II


In the “Bukovynian Suite,” experience the vibrant energy of Zalytsiannia as men and women engage in a playful flirtation, uniting for a breathtaking display of togetherness. The “Boys of Bukovyna” showcases daring and machismo as young men vie for the attention of women, leading to a powerful demonstration of strength. “The Enchanted” captivates with mystical beauty and grace, showcasing bewitching footwork and formations by Buklovyian women. Culminate your journey with the rythmic explosion of “Bukovyjnian Spectacular.” Pay homage to composers Serhij Kushniruk, Gene Zwozdesky, Ron Cahuyte, and others in a “Tribute to the Composers,” celebrating 50 years of Tryzub’s music from the past. In “Duvicgtu Tanets,” witness a kaleidoscope of excitement as the ladies of Tryzub fuse strength, beauty, and precision in an elegant explosion of colour and movement, embodying the energy of Ukrainian women. Feel the spirit of aporihian Dozaky in “Zaporozhtsi,” where Tryzub’s men showcase mastery in weaponry and movement derived from the Ukrainian martial art “Boyovyi Kopak,” promising to bring you out of your seat. Finally, revel in the cultural fabric of Ukraine with the iconic “Hopaka,”  visually striking dance rooted in Zporizhian Kozak culture. This national dance unfolds with fast moving patterns, movements of monumentalism, and displays of athleticism, capturing the essence of a nation.